What is Personal Planning


Why is Planning Important?

Strategic planning is a well-known business tool. Businesses know how important it is to pause, reflect, and come up with a plan that maps out where they want to go. They create a mission (purpose) statement, a vision (direction) statement, and goals. Then they devise an action plan that lays out how they’re going to achieve those goals. Forward-looking companies choose to be proactive, rather than just react to whatever happens in the marketplace. And what happens when the people in the company all agree on where they want to go? Doors open, sometimes unexpectedly. Their concerted focus and energy, all pulling in the same direction, enables them to accomplish their goals.

Thank you again for this very powerful tool. You are a wonderful teacher. If the incident above is the only positive outcome that I experience from working with you, then I will consider it well worthwhile. However, I am sure that I will continue to use this tool to achieve the same kind of results and more in the future. ~ Marianne


Why Should You Create Your Own Personal Plan

Now, think about you, the business of you and your life. Do you usually find yourself being reactive to what happens instead of knowing what you really want to do and watching your plan unfold in a rewarding way? Maybe it’s time to give you and the business of you a much-needed pause so you can become a conscious designer of your life. Actually, you already are to some extent if you schedule your work week, write a grocery list, plan your vacation, and do your monthly budget. Did you know you can be proactive in the same way with your future? Imagine what it will feel like to have a clear sense of what you want out of life and to put the steps in place to bring it to fruition. You may think you have no time for a life-planning pause or retreat, but you can’t afford not to take the time! You’ve got one life, and you want to make the most of it.

How do I get my first client was always the biggest hurdle I faced – It was so daunting, overwhelming to me…. stopped me dead in my tracks. When I left your workshop, I knew that I needed to just be and stay open to however the universe would present my next steps to me… little did I know that I’d be spending the next 6 months living my passion!! There was not a moment of doubt that this opportunity presented itself to me out of the desire and vision that I had put out based on our work that Saturday. As you know, this work is powerful stuff!!! ~ Natalie ~

If you download this workbook, then you will be giving yourself a gift — the gift of thinking about the business of you.

It’s about how you want your life to be over the next one to three years. And you deserve this gift!

If you direct your thoughts and intentions, focus them on the things you want to happen, and nurture or “water” your vision consistently, you will bring to yourself what you desire. I’ve seen this happen with businesses and boards of directors. It will work for you, too, and I’ll facilitate you through the steps to get you there. Now, treat this process as a journey. Enjoy it. Stay open. Pay attention. Question your assumptions—especially the ones you have about yourself. Remember, life is a mirror: it reflects back to you what you think into it. You do have a hand in creating how your life unfolds. You can choose to make changes. You can choose to live your life the way you really want to.


I just pulled out the chart I had made at the program. I knew right where it was, although I had not consulted it since the program. It’s titled “Given Ideal circumstances, what will my life be like, look like by 1/31/12. I have 40 things listed there. I’ve accomplished 22 – in some cases exceeded my goals. ~ Susan~


Hey, and have fun with this! Are you smiling? Good! Then, let’s get started. Your Business of You Facilitator,


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Remember, your life is just as important as the future direction of any business. Spend time on The Business of You. You’re worth it.


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